Posted by: x | October 5, 2010

Hartland Orchard

This is the first home that I remember.

O.K. Not really. We rented a shack down the road. This is the home of our landlord, Henry Green.

Our home looked more like this.

Although we moved away when I was only three, I have many memories of the orchard, because every fall we would go back to visit. We each picked out a pumpkin, filled our bags with apples, and drank the best cider ever, right off the press.

After moving to N.C. we couldn’t visit every fall anymore. But every year, about this time, my thoughts turn back to Hartland Orchard. I wonder if our little house is still standing, and hope to get back there soon and get a taste of that cider again.



  1. I suppose it’s technically true that you’re “just” another woman trying to run a home and raise a family…but really, you’re my dear friend, and I’m so excited to have another way of knowing what you’re up to 🙂

    love you, dear!

  2. ohhhh, I also start thinking about the orchard this time of year! Can’t say I actually remember ‘living’ there, but I do remember going back. BEST cidar ever. Let’s take a trip back sometime….

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