Posted by: x | October 21, 2010

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord…

When you live in the capital of a small southern state, the State Fair is a really big deal.

People don’t ask you if you are going to the fair, but when.

We went this morning because it is Hunger Relief Day, or “can day” as it is more commonly referred to around here.

If you bring canned food to donate, you can get in free. So you can avoid getting ripped off and feel good about helping people all at the same time.

Now if they only had a system like that for parking.

We started out in the poultry tent.

Since my girls were brave enough to hold the chicks and ducklings, I drummed up the courage to do it as well.

Next, we headed over to “the ark” to see all the prize winners.

The pumpkin with the blue ribbon weighed 864 lbs.

And this watermelon weighed 211 lbs.

We also saw sweet potatoes the size of basketballs, rows and rows of gorgeous apples and peppers, and this fitting tribute to our great pork-producing state.

Next stop, the animals. The cows were a big hit.

My youngest looked a little concerned when she saw this though.

We also saw pigs, goats, miniature donkeys, horses, and this beautiful 1st place turkey.

How much would you pay for this turkey?

I have a feeling that turkey will live a long and happy life.

Finally, we made it to “kiddieland.”

It’s good to save the rides for last. That way, when you tell the kids that you don’t have money for any more rides, you can say it in good conscience since you really have used up all the cash you came with.

My girls and I loved the carousel, but I wasn’t so sure when they both wanted to ride on the Berry Go Round.

My youngest is too short to ride without me, so I would have to ride with her.

Not that I have a problem with huge strawberries — just huge strawberries that spin.

But what could I say?

I’m sorry girls, but Mommy had a traumatic experience with some teacups as a child, so we won’t be able to go on that ride.

Somehow, I didn’t think they would understand.

So I bravely accepted my fate and climbed into the terrifying spinning strawberry.

They loved it.

And I pretended to.

All in all, it was a successful outing to the big fair and we had a great time.

But one of the best things about living in a small city is that we always seem to run into friends, even in the midst of the big crowds.



  1. Awww, wish I could have come with you! Looks like fun and the girls are just too cute!

    I am proud of you for braving the spinning strawberries, Joy 🙂

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