Posted by: x | October 25, 2010

Mary Scribner, 1928-2000

Ten years ago, today, my dear Nana went to be with the Lord.

She joined my Poppy, who had gone on just two years before.

Nana was an amazing wife, mother, and grandmother. She was both a strong woman and a gracious lady, a combination more rare than you might think.

It seemed like she always knew the right thing to say or do in any situation. She knew when to put her foot down about something and when to just let something go.

There are so many ways that I aspire to be like her.

She always seemed so young and full of life, that I never imagined losing her at the age of 72. And ten years later, I still miss her so much.

There are so many times I imagine calling her to tell her something or other.

I want to tell her how much my little girl looks like Poppy, and that I stopped biting my nails — again. I want to ask her for her popover recipe, and talk about that latest movies we’ve seen.

When someone dies of something like ovarian cancer, it’s easy to say things like, “She’s better off now.” But it’s not so easy to let go and live life without them.

Because no matter what else fills your life, or how busy you get, you can never stop missing someone you love.




  1. So true….thank you for this beautiful tribute to my beautiful mom.

  2. Truly I was thinking about your mom on Monday and driving up to Maryland with Hannah. I didn’t know your grandmother well, but I can see the indelible imprint of her life on your mom and her sisters and of course on you and your sisters. That’s a beautiful legacy and this is a beautiful tribute. We never stop missing them – and that’s a very good thing.

  3. Joy,

    You hit it right on, it will never feel like she’s been gone 10 yrs. I too want to pick up the phone all the time! I will look for her popover recipe! I still talk about her to the girls cus I don’t want Mary to forget her and I want Delaney to know just how special she was! She would be sooooo proud of you!!!!! Love you,

  4. […] my man, a fellow engineer with the same calm demeanor, generous spirit, and love of American cars. Nana used to say, “It’s tough being married to a saint,” and now I get what she […]

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