Posted by: x | October 28, 2010

Guest Room

Along with the wedding last weekend, we had houseguests!

It’s a very exciting thing around here, because it was never possible before.

This is our first home with an official guest bedroom.

Unless you’ve read Anne of Green Gables, you probably can’t comprehend the vast importance of a “spare room.” But even if you aren’t acquainted  with Anne, you can still imagine the excitement of having visitors from such exotic places as Annapolis and San Antonio.

Now for the tour:

Our guest suite comes complete with your very own closet and private bathroom.

And if you catch me on a good week, there might even be fresh flowers.

The best part is the windows. So many windows. With wooded views all around.

Just ignore that pile of stuff in the corner. This is also the place where I have begun to stash Christmas gifts.

Next we come to your private entrance, opening onto a relaxing deck, surrounded by woods.

Extra charge for cute little girls having lunch outside. In sundresses. In October. Yes, it’s been in the upper 80s the past few days. If that doesn’t convince you to visit, I don’t know what will!

Now accepting reservations for the holidays!



  1. the bed is also very comfortable.
    I would like to come visit again soon 🙂

  2. So inviting! Next time I keep the girls overnite I think I’ll come over there!

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