Posted by: x | October 29, 2010

Picnic with Aunt Bethany

Last August, my beautiful sister Bethany was married.

I was so excited to have a married sister.

See that huge grin on my face? That’s me holding back my excitement.

I was trying to hold back so that I wouldn’t pass out from the heat.

More on that another time.

Today, we met Aunt Bethany during her lunch break for a picnic.

This vintage ’70’s park is right down the street from her office.

It was so much easier than meeting at a restaurant, because we could catch up while my girls ran around and played on the playground.

They got excited about the “Mickey Mouse” see-saw, but it seemed kind of creepy to me, and not at all like Mickey Mouse.

This is about all that my little girl likes to do on a playground. She could swing all day, or at least until she doesn’t have anyone to push her.

(Oh, and Bethany’s not in mourning or anything. Today was costume day at work, and she dressed up like her boss, who is a guy.)

This was definitely the highlight for my girls, though.

Aunt Bethany’s cupcakes! Their mouths were so full that they couldn’t even smile.

But the highlight for me was just getting to relax and chat about married life with my sweet sister.



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