Posted by: x | November 1, 2010


Today, my beautiful baby sister is 21 years old!

She has been known by many names — Christine, Joanna, Jo, Joanne — but my favorite is what we called her when she was two — JoJo.

Here she is, consuming her first legal alcoholic beverage, a Bellini.

Well, it wasn’t actually legal, since we celebrated yesterday.

We try not to be legalistic.

The whole family gathered to enjoy an Italian meal and games.

(except for my man, who had to work)

As usual, everyone contributed to the meal. This is what I brought.

Caprese salad, Chianti, and Vampire Pinot Noir. It was Halloween after all.

After lunch, we played Bocce and an Italian version of Dictionary.

My girls move too fast to be photographed.

Until they get tired.

Finally, it was time to give the birthday girl her gifts!

I told my little girl to hold the gift I brought while I took a photo.

I wanted to show off the amazing gift wrapping from The Blue Tiger.

Instead, she decided to be James Dean.

“Mom, you know I’m way cuter than that gift. Just take a photo of me.”

Well, actually, the gift was pretty darn cute.

I picked out this card because Jo is a rockin’ guitar player.

Actually, she has more of a jazzy sound, but you know what I meant.

An adorable clutch, so she won’t have a wear a fanny pack when she goes to Italy.

That’s the reason for the Italian theme…Jo is studying abroad next semester.

And the best for last:

As it says on the package, “If he was any hotter, he’d melt!”



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