Posted by: x | November 9, 2010

Self Check Out

It is impossible for me to return anything on time. Books, movies, you name it. It will be late.

I once owed so much in fines, that I avoided going to the library for years.

Of course, they can’t make you pay it, but there’s still that uncomfortable moment when you go up to check out your books, and the librarian looks down her nose at you and says, “It looks like you have $60 in fines. Would you like to pay that today?”

And of course, they only take cash. And of course, I forgot to get cash, so I tell her no. Then she purses her mouth, and proceeds to check out my books and remind me to please pay it next time.

Now, if you know me, you know that it usually bothers me when technology takes away from human interaction. But there are some exceptions.

Like the self check out machines at the library.

Because, as much as I value real interaction with people, I also value borrowing books — without the awkward discussion of my late fines (which currently come to $49.60).



  1. Guilty.

    I have also avoided the library because of fines (I actually stopped going to the county library and went to a city one instead to avoid the issue!)

    But here, you cannot check out anything until you’ve paid your fine in full. Even if it’s only 20 cents. And it has to be cash. Once in desperation, I begged the library lady to pity me and let me get a card in Isaac’s name so I could bring home the coveted books (since I had no cash to pony up). Those ladies at our library mean business.

  2. I’ll let you in on another secret. They don’t make you pay more than $10. Your fine could be $90 and you pay $10 and you have a zero balance. So keep that in ghe back of your mind. 🙂

    • No way! Thanks for the insider info…should I assume you know this from experience?

  3. You could assume that. 😉

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