Posted by: x | November 14, 2010


Today, my Mema turns 88 years old.

Here she is with my girls, last Christmas.

Mema has had such a full life, and I have learned many things from her over the years.

She told me what it was like to grow up on a tobacco farm in N.C., as one of ten children, and what it was like to live through the Great Depression and World War II. Most of what I know about my Grandpa, I learned from her, since he died before I was born.

Mema introduced me to Samantha, my American Girl doll — back when only the serious doll collectors cared, before Mattel took over. She also introduced me to the combination of tomato soup and grilled cheese. For that alone, I am forever in her debt.

Mema makes the most wonderful things — beautiful intricate quilts, mouth-watering pinwheel cookies, and real Manicotti — just to name a few.

I love her so much and can’t wait to see her again soon!

Happy Birthday, Mema!




  1. Just showed this to Mema. She said, “ah going to make me cry!”

  2. I also just learned that Nana chose the name “Mema” for Mema…apparently she told her that that’s what she always wanted to be called but she was already called Nana. New fact for the day.

    • Oh, the deception! All these years, they told me I came up with it cause I couldn’t say “Grandma” when I was little. I like that story better. I’ll just stick with that. 🙂

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