Posted by: x | November 15, 2010

Norman Rockwell

Yesterday, I went to the N.C. Museum of Art with my mom and sisters to see a special exhibit on Norman Rockwell.

He is mostly known for these types of humorous moments he captured in everyday life.

His work spanned decades, though, and he also portrayed some very poignant moments in our nation’s history.

Rockwell was one of those artists who crossed over from fine art to mass media.

Not everyone may appreciate him as an artist because of this, but as a graphic designer, I see the importance of bringing art to the masses and showing everyday life through art.

Most people associate Norman Rockwell with the Saturday Evening Post, but he also did work several other magazines, including this ironic take on Thanksgiving for Life magazine.

It was a fascinating exhibit, and I would definitely recommend seeing it if you live in the area.

But watch out for those museum security guards. No bottled water allowed. And don’t even think you can hide it from them. They come out of no where!


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