Posted by: x | November 24, 2010

My Thanks List

Usually, this time of year, we are all busy making “wish lists” of things that we want.

It is helpful to balance that with a “thanks list” for things that we already have.

So here is mine — a list a all the things I am most thankful for this year.

  • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — without faith, all my joys would be empty
  • My Man, who grows more thoughtful, caring, and responsible each year
  • My Girls, who fill my days with hugs and sweet laughter
  • My Family, for putting up with me and always being there for me
  • My Church, for teaching me about truth and love
  • Our New Home — extra space, beautiful trees, and great neighbors!
  • Good Friends, who share good times and help out in bad
  • Our Country, with freedom to vote, to worship, and to say what we think
  • Good, Healthy Food, available year-round, right down the street
  • N.C. State beat Carolina in football for the fourth year in a row
  • I didn’t have to fly anywhere for Thanksgiving
  • All the dishes are done (for now!)
  • I’m pregnant


  • Just kidding — gotcha!


Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!




  1. You got me all right! And I ‘second’ everything on your list. And just for you I hope that MD doesn’t ruin NC State’s season tomorrow! Love you!

  2. You had me for second.

    My brother announced on Thanksgiving Day that he and his wife are expecting their third, so I guess I was in the mood for it. šŸ™‚

    Looks good. I wish we could be in two places at once but I really (rilly) didn’t want to travel this year.

  3. You definitely got me!!!
    It is a very good thing we have Thanksgiving as we begin to think about the gift giving season šŸ™‚

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