Posted by: x | December 14, 2010

Capitol Tree Lighting

Last Thursday, my Mom took us downtown for the Capital Tree Lighting.

Santa was there. The governor was there. And of course, the beautiful tree.

But of course, there was lots of time to kill before they got there.
We didn’t want to stand in the cold for hours like these poor souls,
so instead we visited a few other places until it was time to light the tree.

First up: the Performing Arts Center,
where we took in the beautiful Christmas trees,
and of course the display for A Christmas Story, currently playing there.

Next up: the History and Science Museums,
where there were crafts to make and animals to meet.

Finally, we headed over to the Capitol for the tree lighting.
The governor arrived, made a quick speech, and the tree was lit!

Then, she and Santa read a story to all the little kiddies lucky enough to be in the front row, including my girls!

Thus, confirming her role as State Grandma (until the next election).




  1. Love the pictures! So… especially the one of A. with her tongue out and the leg lamp picture (too bad D. isn’t in it…could’ve been you next Christmas card, hehehe).

  2. Bethany, I had the same thought about the leg lamp! 🙂

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