Posted by: x | December 20, 2010

Gingerbread Village

One of the great things about having children, is that you get to do all the things with them that you didn’t get to do as a kid yourself.

In my case, one of those things is decorating gingerbread houses.

So for the past couple of years, my girl and I have made a house together.
When I say “made” I mean from a kit. I’m not rolling out dough or anything!

I kept it simple in 2008. My girl was only two, and I’d never done it before.

In 2009, we got a lot fancier.

Being an oldest child like me, my girl is a perfectionist and quite methodical. I could just tell her where to put each piece, and she was quite happy to do it that way, and have it look fabulous.

But I knew that wouldn’t fly this year. My baby is two now, and ready to join in the fun.

So we tried a new approach. Instead of crowding around a single house, fighting about where to put the candy, we made it a family affair. I got a mini-village, and we each decorated our own tiny house.

My girl’s house was definitely the most elaborate.

My baby was more interested in eating the candy, so her house had less on it.

My man was more interested in the back of the house.

And I was distracted by the chaos, and kept mine simple.

Finally, the village was assembled!

It smells so good, I get hungry every time I walk past it.

And since it’s in the kitchen, I usually eat something.



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