Posted by: x | December 23, 2010

Visit to Mema’s

We are so blessed to have lots of family nearby, so that we won’t have to travel this week.

We did travel earlier this month, to visit my Mema in Maryland.

I drove Bethany’s nice car, while she navigated with the GPS.

Not that I need such things, of course.

I’m quite capable of finding my way. And finding the State Highway Patrol along the way. Unfortunately, I was driving kind of fast when I found them.

But it does come in handy when you decide mid-trip to meet your cousin somewhere random for lunch.

That was the most fun detour ever.

We ate at a little deli, where no one cared that my girls ran and danced around the whole place.

We left when they started pulling down the Christmas decorations, though. It seemed best not to push our luck.

Finally, we made it to Mema’s house.

My dad grew up in this house.

The brick you see was once the exterior wall, and the whole family of seven ate in the tiny kitchen just beyond.

But now, Mema spends most of her time in the “back room.”

My girls quickly found Mema’s bear collection. There is never a shortage of things to play with at her house!

We spent most of the time there helping Mema decorate for Christmas.

This, of course, brought back many happy memories of Christmas Eves spent there when we were kids.

This is only a sampling of Mema’s vast Santa collection.

If you’ve ever wondered why I like to collect random things, now you know where I get it from.

My girls were in awe of the lighted ceramic tree.

As well as the many other things they weren’t allowed to touch in the fancy living room.

My baby managed to find one thing she could play with, though.

Bethany really got into the spirit of Christmas, and made Mema’s famous pinwheel cookies.

My girl got to help!

All good things must come to an end, and soon it was time for one last photo before we hit the road again.

Merry Christmas, Mema! See you again soon!



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