Posted by: x | January 5, 2011


Our Four Christmases turned into three, thanks to the first real snow here in years.

Usually, we get the “winter mix” of sleet, rain, and snow.

Not much fun β€” just a lot of mess.

But this was just real, fluffy, packable snow. About five inches of it!

And oh, so beautiful.

2 hats
2 scarves
2 coats
8 gloves
8 socks
4 boots
and a partridge in a pear tree.

After the snowballs, snowmen, and snow angels, we went for a walk in our winter wonderland.

And faintly, as if in the distance, I could hear my sisters singing.




  1. Jo and I were trying to determine the meaning of the last line of this post.
    we are stumped.

    • Don’t you remember Bethany and Jo singing (and acting out) “Winter Wonderland”? I can’t ever hear that song without thinking about that…it was hilarious.

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