Posted by: x | January 8, 2011

A Picture of Christmas (part two)

Christmas morning photos: a disclaimer
I don’t know what happened with their pajamas. They really should match, especially on this of all mornings.
Also, you will not ever see a photo of me on Christmas morning on this blog — except in my next post, which is not about Christmas morning.

First, we set the stage the night before.

And no, we don’t really have that many presents.
My girls wrapped some of their toys as gifts for their dolls 🙂

Everyone has their own special traditions. In our home, baby Jesus does not appear until Christmas morning.
I don’t remember ever believing in Santa Claus as a child, but I was certain that an angel came on Christmas Eve to place baby Jesus in the manger.

Then, we watch the girls discover Christmas morning.

We had a special surprise in our stockings too (thanks, Aunt JoJo!).

After eating a pound of candy from our stockings, it’s time for breakfast.

Cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, Florida tangerines, and Seattle coffee (thanks, David and Katie!).

Then, back to the presents!

Yes, that’s a gun.
No, I had nothing to do with it.

Sleeping bags! Clearly, camping is in our future. When it’s warmer, that is.


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