Posted by: x | January 9, 2011

A Picture of Christmas (part three)

When we got to Mimi & Pops’ house, we jumped right into gift-giving.

New clothes from Great-Aunt Mary Ann brought applause.

Cinderella was greeted with gasps of wonder.

Then came the big gift in the garbage bag.

Along with hand-made hairbands from Aunt Jo.

Plus baby alive and princess dishes from our cousins in New Jersey (thank you!).

Bethany can still pull out her Vanna White role 🙂

Bourbon-marinated steaks for Pops.

Fancy clothes for Mimi.

Wall art for the newlyweds.

And Julie’s hat — a Festivus miracle!

Doesn’t she look beautiful? She must have been expecting a boy to come over.

Then came dinner, complete with the biggest crabs on earth (that I know of, anyway!).
Thanks, Aunt Mary Ann!

And that’s not all! A whole beef tenderloin too!

So tender and delicious, and prepared with love.

Add some designer fruit by Bethany, and we’re ready to eat.

My little girl couldn’t wait, and decided to eat a whole bowl of walnuts while we cooked.

It was a feast to remember.

And all I want for my next birthday is more of those crabs.

After dinner, Julie humored me by playing Christmas Carols.

We all sang along, and Pops added his own accompaniment — bubble wrap.

I think our version of The 12 Days of Christmas is surpassed only by the Muppets.

Our next activity was watching the video of Christmas ’94.

Yes, that’s me, at age 14, on Christmas morning, wearing jeans cut off at the knee and the largest New York Giants t-shirt possible. I was so cool.

Well, this video goes on for hours, because no one could drag out Christmas morning like we could.

Which made it necessary to bring out the rum cake.

And that concludes your photo tour through our wonderful 2010 Christmas.

Have a Happy New Year!



  1. “Bethany can still pull off her Vanna White”–that jerked me back in time, oh, about 15 years. As did the shot of you in your Giants tshirt. Wow…good memories 🙂

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