Posted by: x | January 13, 2011

Sister Date

I love my sisters.

We are all so different.

And so much alike.

Last night, all the stars aligned and actually got to all hang out together.

First, we ate dinner at Chubby’s Tacos.

Where we forgot to take any pictures.

We were too hungry to think about such things.

Then we went shopping.

After closing down the stores, we moved on to closing down the restaurants.

The staff at Firebirds was annoyed at us.

I mean, how dare we walk in at 9pm and ask to be seated in a booth?

It’s 9pm, so late!

Well, they thought so, apparently.

But we didn’t let it bother us.

We sat in a booth. And ordered drinks. And talked and laughed a lot.

I love my sisters.



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