Posted by: x | March 14, 2011

Japan Nuclear Accident

It is astounding to me that after an earthquake and tsunami in Japan — with hundreds of people dead, missing, homeless, injured, and cities destroyed — all people want to focus on is the nuclear plant accidents, which have caused relatively little harm.

I guess it all comes down to fear of the unknown.

Most people don’t know how nuclear plants are designed, how they work or operate, and can only associate them with huge mushroom clouds and people with their skin melting off of them.

The mainstream media and most politicians are anti-nuclear, so they don’t help the situation either with their reports of radiation leaks and plant meltdowns.

I was especially amused by Hillary Clinton’s statement that the U.S. stands ready to help by sending nuclear coolant to Japan. She had to retract her statement later. Probably after someone finally informed her that there is no such thing. They actually cool it down with water.

My man is an operator in the control room at a nuclear power plant. Now this doesn’t make me an expert, although I’ve learned a lot about it. But it does make him one.

If he had time, he could explain to everyone why this “nuclear meltdown” is not as serious as everyone thinks.

But he is too busy making electricity right now.

In the meantime, here is a long, detailed — but accurate and easy to understand — explanation of what happened, what has been done, and why everyone will most likely be safe from the big scary nuclear plants.

And if you want to keep up with the facts of what’s going on, and not just fearful speculation, I would recommend the following news sources instead of the usual talking heads on the cable news channels.

International Atomic Energy Agency
World Nuclear News
Brave New Climate




  1. Hi

    I do appreciate your view hope you are right, however the three websites listed are pro nuclear. It is a bit like asking the tobacco industry whether cigarettes are bad for you I would say.

    • Eric, that’s not a great analogy, but thanks for your comment.

      As I noted in my post, anti-nuclear news sources abound, so no need to list them.

      I encourage you to compare the news from both sides, and see which is educational (providing facts and appealing to reason), and which is not (providing opinion and appealing to emotional fears).

  2. so happy to have your blog on my “list” now, friend 🙂 this is a good blog post, thanks for sharing the information…

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