Posted by: x | April 8, 2011

Spring Beach Days

You might somehow get the idea from my blog that I live at the beach.

Maybe because it says “Where we are now” on top of a photo of the beach.

But unfortunately, I am actually two hours from the nearest beach.

This is the forecast at that particular beach today:

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

Chance of Precip:
SSW at 13 mph

This is also the first day this month with nothing on my calendar.

If you saw that forecast, and had nothing pressing to do today, what would you do?

You would grab some sand toys and sunscreen, and take your girls to the beach?

What a coincidence! That is exactly what I would do!


That photo at the top of the page is from our first beach day of 2009.

It was March 24.


For our first beach day in 2010, we were lucky enough to be visiting friends in Florida.

It was February 28. The sand is a little whiter there.


It’s been a cold spring, so we’re a little late this year.

But if you’re wondering where we are today, look no further than the top of this page.





  1. Hope you had a wonderful day at the beach – I’ll be looking for pictures soon!

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