Posted by: x | May 13, 2011


Bethany and I were born so close together, that I can’t remember life without her.

She has always been there for me, and has kept me in check when I needed it.

And today is her birthday!

It’s been an exciting year for Bethany.

She married an amazing man, and will soon move to sunny Florida.

I could write paragraphs about how wonderful she is.

Some of you will remember my lengthy toast at their wedding.

But today, I’ll stick to her tradition.

Whenever someone else in the family has a birthday, she makes an acrostic of their name to describe them.

So here is how I would describe my wonderful sister in a nutshell:

Beautiful — obviously.

Entertaining — her lip-syncing routines are legendary.

Thoughtful — and always encouraging.

Honorable — she has high standards and she keeps them.

Agreeable — always the peacemaker.

Nice — it’s hard to find someone sweeter.

Young — she’s still in her 20’s!

Happy Birthday, my dear Bethany!


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