Posted by: x | August 8, 2011

My Dad



Today is my Dad’s 54th birthday!

Yesterday we all celebrated with crabcakes and corn-on-the-cob, and a very minty chocolaty cake. And by special request, watched three episodes of “Flipper.”

I am a lot like my dad. We are both passionate and opinionated. About everything.
There have been times when that didn’t help our relationship.
But as I we’ve grown older, we’ve grown closer, instead of farther apart.

Life has a funny way of progressing.
As a small child, you believe everything your parents say.
As an older child and young adult, you hear different voices that begin to convince you to think otherwise.
But then you start to grow up, and think through things for yourself.
And you realize, that actually, your dad really was right all along.

If you know anything about my family,
you know that this is the best gift I could give my dad:

Dad, you were right.

I love you!

Happy Birthday!




  1. He’s a great guy! And what a great family!

  2. Joy your too kind to say such nice things… and best of all your right!!! Love you girl.

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