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When Spring is Just Around the Corner…

…it is time to start thinking about going to the beach.

And when you start thinking about going to the beach…

…it is time to get some brand new flip flops.


Posted by: x | March 14, 2011

Japan Nuclear Accident

It is astounding to me that after an earthquake and tsunami in Japan — with hundreds of people dead, missing, homeless, injured, and cities destroyed — all people want to focus on is the nuclear plant accidents, which have caused relatively little harm.

I guess it all comes down to fear of the unknown.

Most people don’t know how nuclear plants are designed, how they work or operate, and can only associate them with huge mushroom clouds and people with their skin melting off of them.

The mainstream media and most politicians are anti-nuclear, so they don’t help the situation either with their reports of radiation leaks and plant meltdowns.

I was especially amused by Hillary Clinton’s statement that the U.S. stands ready to help by sending nuclear coolant to Japan. She had to retract her statement later. Probably after someone finally informed her that there is no such thing. They actually cool it down with water.

My man is an operator in the control room at a nuclear power plant. Now this doesn’t make me an expert, although I’ve learned a lot about it. But it does make him one.

If he had time, he could explain to everyone why this “nuclear meltdown” is not as serious as everyone thinks.

But he is too busy making electricity right now.

In the meantime, here is a long, detailed — but accurate and easy to understand — explanation of what happened, what has been done, and why everyone will most likely be safe from the big scary nuclear plants.

And if you want to keep up with the facts of what’s going on, and not just fearful speculation, I would recommend the following news sources instead of the usual talking heads on the cable news channels.

International Atomic Energy Agency
World Nuclear News
Brave New Climate


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Anniversary Date

Last weekend, we got to go out for our anniversary!

We went to my favorite Italian restaurant, Caffe Luna.
(you may have noticed it in one of the photos in the previous post)

They have the best food.
(which is incidentally why they catered our wedding)

It’s a cozy spot in a historical building in the middle of our little city.
I’m sentimental. And nostalgic. So it’s the perfect place to spend our anniversary.

We relaxed. We ate. We talked over a bottle of wine.
It was sweet and romantic and wonderful.

To cap off the evening, we went to see a movie.
But not at your everyday theater at the mall.

We went to the Rialto — built in 1942, and still operating today.
(and *gasp* they still don’t accept credit cards!)

That’s actually a selling point for me.

Did I mention I’m nostalgic?


It was the perfect night with the perfect date 🙂


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Six Years of Wonderful

This was the scene, six years ago today.

I’m not sure it’s possible to smile any wider than that.

I knew that day was the beginning of something wonderful…

…and exciting!

Since then, we’ve had six years of wonderful…

…and my smile is still just as wide.

I love my man.

And I always will.

Happy Anniversary, my Love!


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Six Years Ago…

…I was looking forward to putting this on.

I had tried it on, previously, of course.

Oh my goodness! What were they doing there?

Actually, we were back there again recently, helping someone else find a dress.

And some things just don’t change — like the placement of chairs in bridal salons.

My girls are looking forward to being flower girls!


Posted by: x | February 28, 2011

The Hammock

My man likes to build things.

And today, here in North Carolina, it was a beautiful day to build something.

What is it? You can’t tell?

Well, here is a hint:

Obviously, cramming a hammock underneath a small deck is not ideal.

What is ideal? Trees.

Do we have trees? Yes, many in fact.

That brings me to something else you should know about my man.

He doesn’t want to be tied down (or bolted in) to any one place in the yard.

Where is the freedom in that?

So instead, he’s building a mobile hammock stand.

With his trusty helper, of course.

Now we can enjoy relaxing in nature anywhere in the yard.


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There are hundreds of photos of my beautiful sister Julie. But it’s hard to find photos of Julie by herself.

Despite being very intelligent (graduated Summa Cum Laude) and immensely talented (runs her own piano studio), she is seldom in the spotlight. Which says something wonderful about her. She may have all the reasons in the world to attract attention, but instead, she chooses to focus on others.

We were lucky enough to have Julie live with us a few years ago. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have survived life with a 1 year old and a newborn without her there. She made an indelible impression on our family, which continues to grow. My girls adore her. My man says, “Julie never ceases to amaze me with how mature she is.”

Growing up, I wasn’t always a good sister to Julie, but she has always been there for me. And even though I’m the big sister, I learn so much from her.

Happy Birthday, dear Julie!



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Engagement Photos

Posted by: x | February 7, 2011

She said yes!

Not that her answer was a surprise to anyone, but now it’s official! Sometime in the not-too-distant future, my little sister will become Mrs. Philip Barnes.


And we could not be more thrilled 🙂


Posted by: x | January 27, 2011

My Baby Girl

Today, my baby turns three!

Which of course, makes her no longer a baby.

She is a big bundle of personality in a petite little person.

She is crazy.

She is sweet.

She is unpredictable.

My man says she is characterized by sweet recklessness.

And we love every bit of her.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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